Solo Highlands Bike & Camp

I have been living in Scotland for 30 years and this is the first time I’ve been up the west coast and into the highlands.

From my house in Dumfries the round trip was around 700 miles and took me two and a half days.


The “rough” Route

I finished work on Friday and headed north,  making it to Loch Lomond around 7 p.m when it was dark. I quickly found a place to camp down for the night ready for a day’s riding in the morning. (You need to buy a permit online for £3 for Loch Lomond)

Loch Lomond

Heading North

Saturday was my main day to explore,  I had no plans other than I wanted to go over the Applecross pass at some point. I headed from Loch Lomond towards Applecross along the A82, heading through Glencoe and a stop for lunch in Fort William.

Mirror Loch
Random Old Military Road
The roadside of the A82

Glen Etive

From here I headed two Glen Etive, which has the famous scene from the double 007 film. Also found some wire bridge which was pretty cool. 

Glen EtiveGlen EtiveGlen Etive
Glen Etive
Glen Etive
Glen Etive
Wire Bridge – Glen Etive

Then onwards to Applecross.

The Applecross pass was quite a slow road width a steep climb and quite a few idiot car drivers coming the other way thinking they were Colin McRae. It was a little disappointing if I must say so. 

Applecross Half Way
Applecross Summit
Applecross Half Way Down


From Applecross I headed to Lake Torridon via the coast road where I met some coo’s. 

Highland Coo
Highland Coo’s

As it was 5pm qnd my arse was destroyed from my terrible Tenere seat, I decided it was time to find a camping spot for the night,  I headed down some quiet roads looking for a beach or a nice area to stop and eventually  found a nice spot in the footsteps of Beinn Alligin where I set up camp.

The foot of Beinn Alligin

Some beef supernoodles and cereal bards for dinner.

Beef Supernoodles!

Waiting for the sun to set it was dead silent with no cars, animals, wind or noise at all. Perfect!

Perfect Camp Spot
You couldn’t buy a view like that anywhere in the world….
and this one was FREE!
Compulsory Star Jump
Trying to be all “arty”
Lots of Stars
A Random Breakdown Truck

Sunday : Home Time

Epic Morning View

Sunday it was time to wake up and go home. a drive to Inverness and then headed south down the A9 to Edinburgh and then home. A good solid 8 hours riding. 

Highlights :

  • A82 is an amazing road
  • Torridon is full of amazing roads
  • Weather was amazing.
  • Sunset was amazing
  • No Midges
  • Peace and quiet

Cons :

  • Applecross pass was not as exciting as I hoped
  • Idiot car drivers coming the other way on single track roads
  • No more time to explore more. (Until next time)

Scotland really is amazing, but can be a totally different story when it’s raining and cold!



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