White Laggan Bothy

I packed up my camping gear, I had a steak to cook on the fire.

I Met Rab at the unit at mid day, we headed to Lidl for food and Beer and we set off in the “jumbuck” towards the Galloway forest.

We got to the Bothy around 1 hour before dark, Stompy was a no show, I think he was with his wife at the hospital.

We got on with chopping up some logs and lighting the log burning stove and getting settled.


It was too wet to make a fire outside, so I cooked my steak on the gas stove, Rab had salmon. Yuk.

We had some beers, ate some more food and got an early night.

In the morning, we headed to Kirkowan cycles as Rab’s chain had snapped, after this was fixed, we headed round the Kirrochtree blue route, a quick rear puncture fix on my bike then back to the trail centre.

2 x Sausage rolls later, we drove back to Dumfries.

Definitely not doing the bothy the night before biking, its far better to bike very early and both all in the same day. Lesson learnt.


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