London December 2016

Its Christmas, we are going to see ELF “The Musical”.

I was up from roughly 8am, I had 4 x S300 packages to make, and around 10-15 orders to pack and get ready to ship out. Our train from Dumfries was due to leave around 12.

DHL came with just enough time to re-pack those parts and get them shipped out before I left. Which was lucky.

We headed to the train station with 5 minutes to spare, only to find our train had been cancelled and a replacement bus service was on. Without thinking we jumped on and started to head to Carlisle.

Half way there, we realised we were not going to make our next train at Carlisle, the bus service was on due to the Carlisle floods which we seen the remainder of as we drove down Carlisle road into the town centre.

Our missed train was a blessing in disguise as we managed to get the next one which was direct, rather as having to change at Crewe.

We got comfy on our train, Subway in hand and blasted down to London.

Once there, we had a short 10 minute walk to our hotel, Fairway hotel t Kings Cross or something like that. It was ran by some foreigners and was pretty shitty. But it was bang in the centre next to the underground, so it was perfect.

For dinner we went to a local Italian, I had Spaghetti Bologna and Nikki had a spicy chicken dish, I really cant remember!

We headed to a really busy pub for 1 pint, which was meh, then back to our little box room for some sleep.

Day 2

We headed to Londons “Winter Wonderland”. It was around 14 degree’s and didn’t feel very wintery at all. It was pretty good. But in reality it was just a bunch of money grabbing stalls.

We went on the big wheel, twice round. We paid £20 to walk around a freezer and see some ice sculptures and then went on a big round swing thing. It was good.

We got a warm cider (Nikki got ID’d  so had to have hot chocolate), and walked through the park to Primark where Nikki got a new jacket.

We headed back to the room to drop off our stuff and have a nap.


We then headed to see ELF, at the Dominican Theater, We had front row seats.

After spilling Nikki’s drink, the show started which was brilliant.

We headed to London Gin club, for a 4 Gin taster board which was very nice. Then tubed it back to our hotel for the night.

In teh morning, we jumped on the train to Scotland (Getting kicked out of first class) and back home.





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