Bruges – Chocolate & Beer

We’re sailing to Bruges.

We got a cheap deal from Superbreak (£120 each?) which included the Ferry to Bruges and a night in a Hotel.


We drove down to Hull on the 20th of December and got on the ferry. We had an inside cabin and it was NOISY! I think we were sat directly above the engine or something.

We got settled, headed for some buffet and then watched Bridge of spies in the on board cinema. (Good film). One or two drinks in teh bar then we headed to bed.

Day 2

We woke in the morning and headed into Bruges. The walk to the hotel was about 25 minutes, we went the long way through the town center as we had no idea, it was raining, but we got there eventually.

It was too early to check in, so we dropped off our bags, had a seat for 30 minutes then headed into the market square.

We found somewhere for some Breakfast / Lunch (Pancakes and Omelette) and wandered around.

We went to the choco story museum, it was interesting, but pretty boring as it was just reading about Victorians drinking cocoa.

We then headed to the bar at the beer museum, had a nice fruit beer and then headed back to our hotel to check out our room.


Our room was very nice, we proceeded to have a nap ad then using the wifi found a pace to eat.

In the rain, we walked to the restaurant which was about  a mile away, should really have got a taxi guess.

Atmosphere in here was great, an open fire where the steaks were cooked. We had a few drinks, Nikki pulled the bar maid then we left.

We headed to a Gin club only to find it closed, so decided to head back to the hotel.

Day 3

We had until 4.30pm until the bus took us back to the ferry terminal. So we were back in the centre, we stood for an hour waiting in a line to climb the main bell tower, it was worth it, at the top we heard the 1pm bells which were pretty loud and the views from up there were impressive.


It was cold and windy, so we headed down.

We then went Christmas shopping in various little shops, mainly buyig little candle spinnys, chocolate and beer.

After some coffee ice cream and Nikki’s amazing squeezed orange juice, we walked to hotel to get the bags then a nice walk though the park down to the bus and to ferry.

As soon as we got on the boat we upgraded to an outside cabin with a window. Thank god as this one was nice and quiet and we had a top bunk bed each. Nikki ate loads of the chocolates!

The crossing on the way back was rough, bottles were sliding off tables in the bar, it was awesome. After some dinner, some drinks in the bar we headed to bed.

Day 4

While Nikki was ready, I headed out to catch the sunrise and take some photo’s. We then docked, got back to the car (Parking ticket!) and drove home.



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